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I’m very proud of the wonderful team from around the world who help me to create first grade, intuitive and original content for my clients. So I’d like you to meet them!
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Courtney, Vancouver

Courtney ProfileCourtney is a born and raised Vancouverite, having lived in the Vancouver, Canada area all of her life.

Her love of reading and writing eventually led to obtaining credentials in English and Journalism, however her career path took her into the insurance and marketing industry. Not able to shake her passion for writing, she continued to freelance part time, writing personally and professional about a variety of topics which piqued the mother of two’s interest, from pregnancy and parenting to inbound marketing and technology.

Courtney currently now works full-time as a writer, though in her downtime she exercises her fingers by playing some Chopin on the piano (or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, depending on the audience) and loves to indulge in a great Margaret Atwood novel.

(Courtney has been a Kerry Finch Writing team member since 2012.)

Christine, Philippines

ChristineA lawyer who reads and writes about a wide range of topics as a breather in between drafting legal documents, Christine has been writing for clients for more than 10 years. While working with Kerry over the last 8+ years, Christine has developed a keen understanding of the Internet and related technology, search engines and online users, supplementing her skills for weaving words into premium written content.

Christine has worked as a central bank attorney, in-house corporate counsel and college lecturer and currently acts as a business and human resources consultant in Metro Manila. She is also the co-author of two legal reference guides “Employee Transfer & Demotion” and “HR Forms, Notices & Contracts Vol.2” which are distributed in the Philippines.

(Christine has been a Kerry Finch Writing team member since 2008.)

Samantha, Texas

SamanthaA former champion on the golf course, Samantha applies the same patience, dedication and attention to detail to the clients she now serves as a Public Relations and marketing representative. Her tech-savvy approach to communication has helped Samantha implement her clients’ strategies and messaging to shine on the digital spectrum.

A writer at heart, Samantha’s has also bylined numerous articles for clients across a number of industries, but is never more at home than when she is talking sports.  She was most recently a contributor to Off The Trax Radio, which featured her colorful commentary and knack for humor.

A New Jersey native and Seton Hall University alum, Samantha currently resides in Houston, Texas and has developed an affinity for the word “y’all.

Nisha, UK

nisha-picOriginally from the UK, Nisha provides professional medical and health writing services for clients worldwide. She holds a Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons) degree and has continued with her passion by self-studying and researching, to deepen her knowledge of human biology.

Nisha has written on a wide range of specialist topics such as women’s health, osteology, neurotransmitters, guidelines for healthcare practitioners and much more. With extensive medical and health writing experience, as well as her increasing curiosity, Nisha is able to confidently handle a versatile range of projects handed to her with a professional and timely attitude.

Along with being a part of the Kerry Finch Writing team, she is currently in the process of starting up her own medical blog. Nisha hopes to spread knowledge and awareness amongst her readers, so that they can have a detailed understanding of their own mental, emotional and physical health.

Anthony, Perth

Born and raised in Perth, Anthony spent a number of years in the hospitality sector in both WA and Melbourne. Developing a sound understanding of the ins and outs of the industry he went on to pass that knowledge on as a management trainer, travelling across the country to help set up new sites and give the teams the tools needed to succeed.

A career change saw Anthony enter the construction industry as an estimator, with all the challenges the new prospect brought with it. This change exposed him to different building techniques, materials and a sound understanding of the industry as a whole.

Always eager to learn, and with a genuine passion for transferring knowledge and experience to everyone, Anthony is comfortable with writing about consumer products, business improvement methods, nutrition, construction and fitness.

Kristen, Whitsundays

Kristen is Australian and lucky enough to live in the beautiful Whitsundays. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Society major) degree with Distinction.

After twelve years working in administration roles where she was the go-to person for business writing and proofreading, Kristen decided it was time to pursue her interest in freelance writing. She enjoys the continual learning that comes with writing blog posts and writing scripts for YouTube videos. This has resulted in developing new interests in health and wellbeing, interior design and entrepreneurship.

Kristen is an avid reader, fascinated by historical fiction and gothic literature.

Bruno, Perth

Bruno was born and raised in Perth, Australia and has worked in political research and in taxation.

He has a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Government) from Edith Cowan University, a Master of International Relations from Curtin University and a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Western Australia.

He has been a writer since 2008 and has written on various subjects since that time. His areas of expertise are international politics (particularly geopolitics), accounting and taxation.

Michele, Canada

Michele is originally from the UK but now lives in Atlantic Canada. Legally educated with a degree in Law and English Literature, Michele has been able to combine her interest with the law and her passion for writing by working as a freelance writer. Having worked for the UK Government and as a legal Assistant in Canada, Michele is knowledgeable on most aspects of both English and Canadian law which enables her to write informed and well researched articles. Michele also runs her own ‘mom blog’ where she writes about the frustrations and joys of raising children.

Michele mainly writes articles on legal issues for UK, Canadian and US audiences but is happy to offer her assistance on a variety of topics from parenting, to religion and personal finances.

Mackenzie, ex Seattle

mackenzieI was born and raised in Seattle, WA but have lived in the mid-atlantic region for the past six years. I received my undergraduate degree in American Studies and am a current law student focusing on criminal defense. I love researching and learning about new topics (legal or otherwise), as well as keeping up to date on the current news. Prior to becoming a law student I worked as an investigator.

When I am not studying I spend my time in the outdoors with my dog and partner. We like to hike, bike and camp all around the area. In addition to that, I also enjoy photography and reading for pleasure.

Hayley, Western Australia


Hayley was born and raised in Western Australia, and unlike many Australians, actually really enjoys the warm summer weather!

She has a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Western Australia and has practiced in various areas of medicine, with a special interest in psychiatry. Hayley is comfortable writing about any topic related to medicine, health services, and human biology, and is easily able to adapt articles to suit the educational level of the intended audience. Her love of reading and previous studies in English Literature have given her excellent writing and proofreading skills.

In her spare time, she enjoys learning other languages and playing video games with her husband and his younger brothers.

Amanda, Ontario

Amanda Amanda resides in Ontario, Canada where she provides writing services for global clients. Although she considers herself a generalist she has a strong background in retail as well as health, beauty and home décor.

Amanda started as a Product Writer for a major Canadian retailer and as her career progressed worked as Editor for multiple publications including finance newsletters and aviation magazines. She then pursued a career in advertising where she lead a creative team at a major retailer overseeing both web and print for several years.

Amanda now enjoys her career as a professional writer where her background has provided her with a well-rounded set of skills to write engaging copy for multiple categories and purposes.

Ayisha, British Columbia

AyishaAyisha has been  writing as part of  Kerry’s team for over 3 years now.  Her generally wide range of interests and curiosity about diverse topics, and love for research, enables her to produce informative articles on many different topics. She also has a special talent for creating quality rewrites of content – to help clients get maximum Google-friendly-mileage from their original content.

The topics on which Ayisha has particular knowledge  include animal care, aquaponics, use of social media, car auctions, funerals, skin care, fitness and nutrition, tattoos, the wine industry and astrology. She has a gift for injecting the appropriate degree of sensitivity on delicate topics.

Jessica, New Jersey

Jessica, hailing from New Jersey, has a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations, with a concentration in Journalism. While she was studying for her law degree she has contributed greatly to our growing portfolio of law firm clients. In 2014 she graduated and is now a lawyer. She continues as part of the Kerry Finch Writing team.

Jessica loves to research and write about a variety of topics, and to satisfy that love, she freelances part time.

The research skills she honed in college and in law school have helped her easily pick up new topics and write informative pieces about them. When Jessica is not writing or studying, she spends time with her two horses, Tempo and Sprite.

Ry, Brisbane

j0308887Ry grew up in two tiny towns in country Victoria before moving to Melbourne and eventually settling further north in Brisbane. He has had experience working for some of Australia’s largest businesses including two of the nation’s largest sporting franchises.

He has qualified in e-communication and business strategy from the University of Queensland, and has extensive experience with content creation, high quality articles, blog posts and white papers as well as press releases.

Ry is comfortable writing for a range of topics, from consumer technology, sports and fitness, personal finance and stocks to financial management and outdoor recreation.

Rachelle, Sunshine Coast

10703626_703353426386354_6907511807700271168_nRachelle provides great administrative and proofreading support to Kerry, helping to keep our many projects on track for on time delivery.

Her extensive background as a PA is invaluable to the business, and her willingness to extend her hours to meet demand in peak times is much appreciated.  She works remotely, as do all Kerry Finch Writing team members, her recent move to a new state was seamless, and has not impacted at all on her work delivery.

Rachelle is married with two small children.

Daniel, Canberra

kerry finch writing teamDaniel was born in country New South Wales before moving to Canberra. Working in Sport Management for 7 years he has a extensive knowledge of the sporting industry as well as sport science, nutrition and fitness. An avid follower of a number of sports around the world he is comfortable writing about any and all sports and is a regular contributor to sports opinion sites.

Currently studying marketing and working for a University, Daniel has a range of experience with online and digital marketing including search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and social media management.

In addition to freelancing Daniel runs websites in the sport betting niche and has an in depth knowledge of gambling and gaming theory and practice as well as the online gambling industry.