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Video Scripts

Videos have become important components of online marketing plans. And professionally written video scripts, not only engage site visitors, but they can also be leveraged in many other ways, including becoming the basis of your own, or your clients’, YouTube channel.

You can record your own videos, or, for a more professional look,  have them created inexpensively by professionals (ask me for recommendations – I provide video scripts for some market leaders!).

Defining and Refining your Message

Are video scripts running aground your marketing efforts?

Before you even begin to make your video (for yourself or, if you are a consultant, your client), you need to define your message and refine its delivery. And that’s where most people run aground.

You are an expert in your own business, and you know all about your products and services; you know how you can help people – we get this! But we also know that your core business is unlikely to be writing, and for you to write your own script could take agonizingly long hours, or worse still, get relegated to the ‘too hard’ basket.

Even if you do come up with your video script, will it be all about YOU and YOUR COMPANY, rather than the NEEDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Video Script Writing Service

After many years of helping to present my clients – both offline and online – in the best possible light, I know how important first impressions are, whether  in a simple letter, a media release or written website content. And I know that when it comes to your home page video –  with just one minute to deliver your message – first impressions count more than ever. This applies whether you’re an electrical contractor servicing your local area, or a business with an international market for physical products and services.

You need to get inside the heads of your potential customers and clients, to show them how YOU can

  • solve their problems
  • save them time
  • fix what’s broken
  • help them make more money

The internet has opened up new opportunities to engage with your market, and a combination of video and well-crafted written content, is the key to that engagement. Not only that – but the search engines love this type of variety of content too!

My 1 minute video scripts start at just $280 (+GST for Aussies).


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